The API uses standard HTTP status codes to indicate the success or failure of an API call.

  • 400 (Bad Request) The server could not process the request, most likely because of an invalid argument.

  • 401 (Unauthorized) Your request lacks valid authentication credentials, your API key is missing in the request headers.

  • 402 (Payment Required) Your API request was rejected due to it being a paid subscription plan with an overdue balance.

  • 403 (Forbidden) Your request was rejected due to a permission issue, likely a restriction on the API Key's associated service plan.

  • 429 (Too Many Requests) The API Key's rate limit was exceeded.

  • 500 (Internal Server Error) An unexpected server issue was encountered.

Error Response Codes

A Status object is always included in the JSON response payload for both successful calls and failures when possible. During error scenarios, you may reference the errorCode and errorMessage properties of the Status object. One of the API error codes below will be returned if applicable otherwise the HTTP status code for the general error type is returned

HTTP StatusError CodeError Message



This API Key is invalid.



API key missing.



Campaign not found



Order not found

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